Experienced Help To Successfully Avoid or Implement Bankruptcy

K. Keith McAllister, Attorney at Law, believes in second chances. He looks at bankruptcy as a way for businesses and individuals to get out from under crushing debt and regain control of their finances, and regain financial health.

When you come to Keith McAllister for help, we he will review your circumstances and advise you on the strategies that can help. Together, you and Mr. McAllister will develop and implement a plan to eliminate the debt that holds back your business or your personal life. Mr. McAllister believe in building long-term professional relationships on mutual trust, and his goal is always to help you develop a plan for your return to success, and to help you see it through.

Keith McAllister, has been a lawyer for 40 years and has been helping clients with debt relief and bankruptcy for more than 25 years. His knowledge, skill and experience gives him insight into the strategies and procedures that can help in even the most complex bankruptcy matters.

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For the help of a lawyer with extensive experience in bankruptcy law, call K. Keith McAllister Attorney at Law today at 800-713-0849. You can also contact him by email. He offers a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Located in Tiburon, California, Mr. McAllister represents businesses and individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Keith McAllister is a debt relief agency and helps people and businesses file for bankruptcy under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.